“Mookie has been a frequent visitor to Woof & Tails Lodge since they opened over three years ago and we would be lost without them. The Lodge offers socialization and exercise in a super clean and SAFE environment amongst a staff that is as caring as they are friendly. Highly recommended to anyone with a dog.”

Charles B.

“My dog Abbey was boarded for 5 days. Great staff and they took great care of Abbey. She loves it there especially at their day care. I feel good about boarding her there in the future. A great place. Thanks to everyone there.”

Maria C.

“Our dog loves it there and we love how happy he is. Owned by a mother and daughter who are extremely loving, friendly and efficient. I can’t say enough about how we love the place. Book in advance as they are pretty busy.”

Karim S.

“I’ve brought both of my small breed dogs here for many years. I have never had an issue or injury. They have an interview process BEFORE your dog is allowed to stay there. If your dog is too aggressive with the “interview dog” it is not permitted, which in my opinion is a great safety check. It’s super clean all the time, never a “dirty dog” smell I’ve encountered at other establishments. I feel like my two little guys are part of a family when I drop them off and pick them up. The staff has always been super friendly and very helpful.”

Dominick N.

“I am so happy that I found a place like Woof and Tails Lodge. The staff is a great group of people who genuinely love dogs and they treat your dog as their own! They do a wonderful job keeping the Lodge clean and smelling fantastic! I love knowing my dog is socializing and playing with other dogs! I can go on and on! My dog Benny loves it and I love it too!”

Maggie M.

“From the moment I walked in for the free interview the staff was warm and welcoming to both me and my dog. Belle was boarded there for 9 nights and seems to have had a great time. They have cameras in the play rooms so that you can log in and see your dog, plus they put some great pics on their FB page. We got Belle home and she’s exhausted from all the activity there. ”

Helene, Belle’s Pawrent

“Woof and Tails is amazing from the staff to the endless amount of space.Extremely clean too. My dog Lexie loves it here! She actually looked cleaner when I picked her up and that may be because they’re playing on asphalt all day outside, she is not coming in with pollen, grass and dirt all over her. You can also view your dog from your phone/pc as they give you a code to log in and see what they’re up to anytime.”

Dee, Lexie’s Pawrent