Frequently Asked Questions

Woof & Tails Lodge is Staten Island’s Upscale Doggy Daycare, Boarding, Grooming Resort.

Our Lodge is 25,000 square feet and is the largest in the New York City/ New Jersey area.

Woof & Tails Lodge is all about an Open Play Environment and has over 4,000 square feet of Indoor Play Yards. The Indoor Play consist of four separate yards so your pup can safely play & interact with pups of their size and temperament. We also have 3,000 square feet of Outdoor Play Areas with artifical K9 grass. Our 3 Outdoor Play Yards are a great way for your pup to enjoy the great outdoors. Our caring Rangers are there to supervise the dogs and keep them having a tail wagging time. We also have live WebCams so you can view your pup on your computer or smartphone from anywhere where you can get internet or cell service.

We also offer grooming which is a full-service grooming with one-on one attention. in a cage free enviornment.

In order for your dog(s) to come play at Woof & Tails Lodge, we require that they be at least 4 months of age. If your dog(s) is 6 months+, the dog must be spayed/neutered. They also need to be up-to-date and fully inoculated on their Rabies, Distemper and 6 month Bordetella vaccinations. On top of being fully vaccinated, your dog has to be friendly with other dogs and humans, and in general good health.

What you are preventing & why these vaccines are required for an open play environment:

Distemper – Spread through the air and by direct or indirect contact with an infected dog; the Canine distemper is a virus that affects a dogs respiratory, gastrointestinal, respiratory and central nervous systems, as well as the conjunctival membranes of the eye.

Rabies – Spread through the exchange of saliva and blood; Rabies is a severe, and often fatal, viral polioencephalitis that specifically affects the gray matter of the dog’s brain and its central nervous system (CNS).

Bordetella (K-9 cough) – Spread through the air; Kennel cough, the common name given to infectious canine tracheobronchitis, is a highly contagious respiratory disease among dogs. As the name suggests, it is typified by inflammation of the trachea and bronchi.

If your dog is up to date on all their shots, in general good health, and is friendly, you can can now schedule their FREE interview day. On the interview day you MUST bring a copy of the vaccine paper work including the Rabies, Distemper, 6 month Bordatella and proof of Neuter & Spay

The interview is a complimentary visit. The only thing you need to bring is your pooch and an updated copy of your dog’s 6 Month Bordatella, Rabies, and Distemper vaccinations, as well as proof of spay/neuter.

After complete a behavior questionnaire, your dog will be introduced to another dog same size and same temperament, to see how well you interact with other dogs. If all goes well, your dog is welcome to stay three hours so we can continue to monitor their play patterns. Interviews are held Monday- Saturday 9am- 1:30pm.

Fresh water is always provided and constantly refilled for our dogs in all of our yards. They also have water bowls in their dens. We feed our boarding dogs twice a day; once in the morning for breakfast, and once in the evening for dinner. Treats will be provided during feeding times for boarding dogs ONLY. NOTE that there is a $5.00 fee per night per dog for in house feeding. We DO NOT feed daycare dogs.

We strongly recommend that your dog(s) be fed 1 hour and 30 minutes BEFORE coming to play at the Lodge. We recommend this because a lot of physical activity after eating can result in bloat or other sickness.

What is bloat?

Bloat happens when a dog’s stomach is filled with gas, food, or fluid, making it expand. The stomach puts pressure on other organs. This can cause no blood flow to his heart and stomach lining, a tear in the wall of his stomach, a harder time breathing and other issues. In some cases it can result in Gastric Dialation and Volvulus Syndryome, which is a disease in which the stomach dialates and than rotates or twists around its short axis. It can trap blood in the stomach and blocks it from returning to the heart and other areas of the body.

We do not accept American Pit Bull Terriers, Miniature Bull Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, American Bull Dogs, Bull Terriers or mixed breeds that have the appearance or characteristics of one of these breeds.

Our regular business hours are Monday- Friday 7am-7pm, Saturday 8am-6pm, & Sunday and Holidays 8am-11am & 4pm-6pm.

Daycare is held Monday- Friday from 7am-7pm, and Saturday from 8am-6pm. There is NO daycare on Sundays and Holidays.

Boarding dogs can be dropped of Monday-Friday from 7am-6pm, Saturday 8am-5pm. If you are PICKING up on Sunday, dogs MUST be checked out bewteen 8am-11am. If you are DROPPING off your dogs on Sunday, you may do so between 8am-11am AND OR 4pm-6pm.

Sunday hours are 8-11am and 4-6pm. Sunday is strictly for dropping off and picking up boarding dogs.

Holiday hours such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Years, etc, we are closed to the public, which means NO daycare, NO dropoff OR pickup. But don’t worry, we are still there the same times as Sunday, 8-11am and 4-6pm to take care of the dogs.

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Woof & Tails Lodge is Staten Island’s Upscale Doggy Daycare, Boarding, and Grooming Resort. Let us take great care of your furry friend!